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19 Jan 2010
Pedro de la Rosa to race for BMW Sauber F1 Team


Thank you so much Peter Sauber for your confidence. Congratulation Pedro, I hope you do well.

18 Jun 2009
Present year Pedro finishes his contract with McLaren. Without tests during season, and no other competitions, to be in form is more difficult, so his readiness as reserve driver could be questioned. Also his role as tester is quite strange, not on track just simulator, less necessary.

With three new teams, so six new free spots on the grid, and maybe a few other drivers at the end of their contracts jumping from their cars... Perhaps someone in F1 will make him a good offer (an economically good enough offer) for a driving seat.

Your thoughts?

(Me ha dado por esto... rolleyes.gif )
25 Apr 2007
Por lo largo del título debe ser algo bueno jejeje. (Es broma).

Enhorabuena pues.
31 Jan 2007


1. A homologated engine is an engine identical in every respect to either :

(i) An engine delivered to the FIA on or prior to 8 October 2006, such engine having completed two race
Events during the 2006 Championship season. However, any competitor who is unable to provide an
engine which has completed two races at this time may do so on 22 October 2006.

(ii) An engine delivered to the FIA on or prior to 1 March 2007, such engine being identical to one
delivered under (i) above but which has been modified by having any of the parts listed below
changed :

- Inlet and exhaust ports
- Combustion chamber
- Inlet and exhaust camshafts (including followers)
- Inlet and exhaust valves
- Piston shape and squirt jets
- Piston pins
- Connecting rod small ends and bearings
- Big end bearings and oil flow rate to them

Further changes, for car installation purposes only and which have no direct performance benefit, will
also be permitted. Such changes are limited to :

- engine pick-up points to chassis and gearbox
- fluid inlets and outlets
- fixings for engine ancillaries
- electrical sensor installations
- engine ballast weight attachments
- bodywork and skid block fixings

If a competitor intends to modify any of the parts listed above he must provide precise details of the
planned changes to the FIA on or before 15 December 2006. Once details have been provided in this
way no further changes will be permitted.

(iii) An engine delivered to the FIA after 1 March 2007, or modified and re-delivered to the FIA after 1
March 2007, which the FIA is satisfied, in its absolute discretion and after full consultation with all
other suppliers of engines for the Championship, could fairly and equitably be allowed to compete
with other homologated engines.

All such engines should be delivered in such a condition that the seals required under Article 87(d) can be
fitted. Engines will be held by the FIA throughout the homologation period.


Al final del todo está.
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